Highway 7 & 8 Transportation Corridor Highway 7 & 8 Transportation Corridor

January 2012

To aid in the development of preliminary design alternatives, particularly crossing road treatments and the roadwaregarding equipment type and size and travel routes acry cross section, a questionnaire was broadly distributed to agricultural property owners throughout the study area to obtain more specific information from agricultural producers oss and along Highway 7&8.

The study team held three consultation meetings to provide an explanation of how the collected information would be used and to answer any questions about the questionnaire. Consultation meetings were held Monday January 23, 2012, Tuesday January 24, 2012 and Thursday January 26, 2012. Responses to the questionnaire were requested by Friday February 3, 2012.

To download the questionnaire, please click here (PDF/37kb).

To download the Agricultural Operations Questionnaire Summary Document which summarizes the input received, please click here (PDF/3.7mb)

August 2008

To support the EA Study, input regarding agricultural operations in the area was sought through the distribution of a questionnaire to the agricultural community and two information sessions in August 2008.  This information was requested to assist the study team with the assessment and evaluation of corridor alternatives (including the existing Highway 7&8 corridor), the generation of routes within the preferred corridor and the assessment, evaluation and selection of a preferred route.

The consultation sessions provided the agricultural community with an opportunity to meet with the Highway 7&8 Project Team on an individual basis to discuss their property and the area in which they operate.  Sessions were held Monday August 25, 2008 and Thursday August 28, 2008 and producers were invited to contact the study team to set up a meeting if the dates for the sessions were inconvenient. 

To view the questionnaire, please click here (PDF/276kb).

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