Highway 7 & 8 Transportation Corridor Highway 7 & 8 Transportation Corridor

The study objectives are summarized below:

  1. To identify and assess the factors that are driving 'Area Transportation System' needs
  1. To apply those driving factors in developing an 'Area Transportation System' strategies to address long-term multi-year needs for the movement of people and goods
  1. To undertake the planning and preliminary design of the provincial roadway components (provincial highways and provincial transitways) of those strategies
  1. To conduct the planning and preliminary design of provincial roadways with an inherent approach of avoiding or minimizing overall environmental impacts
  1. To identify highway access management measures for growth management and highway protection
  1. To engage public and stakeholders early in the study process and continue to engage them throughout the study process

Further details about the study objectives will be provided in Section 1.2 of 'Report A: Study Plan for Technical Work, Outreach and Consultation'.

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