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Welcome to the Web site for the Highway 7 and 8 Transportation Corridor Planning
and Class EA Study.


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- Sarah Jewell (MTO)
- Stephen Schijns (AECOM)
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The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is undertaking a Highway 7 and 8 Transportation Corridor Planning and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study, from Greater Stratford to the New Hamburg Area.

The study will:

  • develop a plan that addresses:
    • capacity, operation and safety needs for the 2-lane and 4-lane sections of Highway 7 and 8 between Stratford and New Hamburg and through the built-up areas of Stratford, Shakespeare and New Hamburg; and
    • linkage needs between the analysis area and other regions in the province.
  • prepare a preliminary design for the provincial roadway components of that plan; and
  • be documented in a Transportation Environmental Study Report for public review at study completion.

This study will also:

  • review and build on the findings of the Study Design Report completed by MTO in December 2005;
  • address the policies and growth forecasts of the final Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, released by the province on June 16, 2006; and
  • be carried out as a Group 'A' project, in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities.

A major component of the study is an outreach and consultation program structured around six key points of decision-making, each of which will be supported by:

  • the release of a newsletter;
  • the release of draft reports for review and comment;
  • a round of Public Information Centres;
  • posting of information on the study web site; and
  • newspaper notices announcing the above.

For an overview of the study process click here (PDF/25 kb) .

MTO has retained AECOM (formerly TSH) to provide professional consulting engineering services for this work. A Project Team consisting of MTO and AECOM staff will be responsible for the completion of the Study.

This Web site has been established to provide project information and collect your comments on the Study. We encourage you to read through the site and send us your feedback. We will be updating this site with additional information, such as upcoming Public Meetings, as the Study progresses. Please check this site regularly for updates and details on how you can get involved. If you wish to be added to our mailing list or submit comments or questions, please go to the Contact Us section of the Web site.

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